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BMIF311 Introduction to Systems Biology

Date Topics Materials
01/08/13 Introduction to systems biology in the omics-era Lecture 1: notes
01/10/13 Genome-scale mutational profiling in complex disease Slides
Nature 1000 Genome paper
01/15/13 Regulation in biological systems Slides
01/17/13 High performance genomic technologies and data analysis I: microarray Slides
01/22/13 High performance genomic technologies and data analysis II: NGS Slides
Ng. et al.
01/24/13 Protein complexes, immunoprecipitation, and purification Slides
01/29/13 Proteomic separation and peptide dissociation Slides
01/31/13 Enrichment and identification of post-translational modifications Slides
02/05/13 Targeted proteomics through selected reaction monitoring Slides
02/07/13 Multivariate analysis I Slides
02/12/13 Multivariate analysis II Slides
02/14/13 Protein structure and function, enzyme action Slides
02/19/13 Metabolomic networks Slides
02/21/13 Graph theory, mathematical modeling Slides
02/26/13 Dynamics in network Slides
02/28/13 Project design, IRB review
03/05/13 Spring break  
03/07/13 Spring break  
03/12/13 Construction: protein interaction networks Slides
03/14/13 Construction: gene regulatory networks Slides
03/19/13 Analysis: models, topological characteristics, robustness Slides
03/21/13 Analysis: motifs, modules, and subnetworks Slides
03/26/13 Tutorial: network visulization tools Slides
03/28/13 Pathway-based analysis of genomic data Slides
04/02/13 Application of gene set enrichment analysis in genomic data Slides
04/04/13 Tutorial: pathway analysis (Ingenuity, GSEA, etc) Slides
04/09/13 Integrative analysis: multi-dimensional genomic data analysis Slides
04/11/13 Integrative analysis: phenotyping in complex disease Slides
04/16/13 Neuroimaging in complex disease Slides
04/18/13 Project Discussion Slides
04/23/13 Student Project Presentations  



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