International Conference on Intelligent

Biology and Medicine (ICIBM 2012)

April 22-24, 2012, Nashville, TN, USA


Call for Papers

The International Conference on Intelligent Biology and Medicine (ICIBM) will be held on April 22-24, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. You are invited to submit papers with unpublished original work describing recent advances on all aspects of Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Intelligent Computing, including, but not restricted to the following topics:

Bioinformatics: Functional genomics, personalized medicine, genetics and genomics, multi-dimensional data integration, next generation sequencing analysis (including algorithms, tools and data analysis), microarray based data analysis, biomedical data analysis, bio-molecular and phylogenetic databases, bio-languages, interoperability in bio-databases, bio-ontology and data mining, identification and classification of genes, sequence search and alignment, protein structure prediction and molecular simulation, molecular evolution and phylogeny, proteomics, drug discovery, drug design, bioinformatics engineering, bio-data visualization, algorithms, modeling and simulation of bio-datasets, biomarker discovery, bio-imaging, signaling and computation.

Systems Biology: Modeling and simulation of biological processes, pathways, networks, regulatory networks, pipelines, mathematical and quantitative models of cellular and multi-cellular systems, emergence of properties in complex biological systems, methods to predict biological network behavior from incomplete information, statistical modeling of biological data, prediction and validation, synthetic biological systems, high performance bio-computing, self-organization in living systems (cells, organisms, swarms, ecosystems, etc.), platforms for computational modeling of living systems (parallel, distributed, and multi-resolution simulation methods), differential, discrete and/or stochastic modeling-language frameworks, applications of systems biology towards understanding disease mechanisms, pharmaceutical drug discovery and drug target validation.

Intelligent Computing: Machine learning, data mining, knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, natural langue processing, literature mining, semantic and ontology driven biological data analysis, neural computing, kernel methods, evolutionary computing, swarm intelligence and optimization, feature selection/extraction, ensemble methods, manifold learning theory, artificial life and artificial immune systems, technology to develop artificial components, systematization methodology for intelligent systems, and scientific principles related to artificial life.

Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission   February 15, 2012
(EXTENDED from February 1, 2012)
Notification to authors of papers March 15, 2012
Deadline for abstract submissionMarch 12, 2012
(EXTENDED from March 10, 2012)
Notification to authors of abstractsMarch 16, 2012
Deadline for Travel Award applicationMarch 16, 2012
Conference early registrationMarch 20, 2012 or earlier
Conference regular registrationMarch 21 or later
ICIBM conferenceApril 22-24, 2012

Paper Submission and Publication

Papers will be submitted through EasyChair Conference System. The detailed information will be updated on the ICIBM website soon.

By submitting your paper to ICIBM'12, you implicitly state that the paper is based on your own original research and that it was not and will not be submitted elsewhere. All submitted papers should be written in English. Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the work associated with the paper submitted. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed. All accepted papers of registered authors will be included in the special issues including BMC Systems Biology , BMC Genomics , Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design (IJCBDD) , and International Journal of Functional Informatics and Personalized Medicine (IJFIPM) . Authors need to prepare manuscripts in the format of the corresponding journal that they prefer. When submitting a paper, authors will be asked to select preferred journals. Although we try our best to accommodate authors’ preferences, there is no guarantee that every accepted paper will be published in authors’ preferred journals. We will contact individual authors in that case. The authors agree to pay the publication fees to the journals (there is no publication fee for the papers published in IJCBDD and IJFIPM).

Other Information

If you have any questions, please contact us by email

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ICIBM 2012 Travel Award

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